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Auto Transport Trucks And Its Types

One of a direct and quick way to ship your car would be to make use of auto transport trucks. Trucks have the ability to transport a car safely and they are specifically designed to carry automobiles. The ability to transport a car safely relies on the types of equipment that you may prefer.

The trucking industry is a significant part of a country's economy; moreover it is the foremost part of the overall transportation industry and is an important contributor to a country's economic growth.

Making a decision on the truck type to transport a car, is a matter of your time line, budget, and concern over your vehicle being exposed to the elements. Before that, one should know the different types of trucks available.

Before the shipping of the vehicle, it is better to know the different types of transport trucks that are available. Depending on the type of the truck used, the service between transport trucks will differ and it includes enclosed, open, and the number of vehicles it can carry at a time.

When it comes to car transport truck, there are two types and it includes:

  • Tractor-trailer trucks
  • Pickup style truck or hotshot truck

Before getting into the description of the truck types an important criterion is there. If you are in a state of stiff budget and want to save money on car shipping rates, it is a wise decision to look for a company that will move vehicles at the same time. Now let us see the truck types:

Tractor trailer Trucks are one of the most common means of shipping a vehicle which can save you a great deal of money. They are the best choice for hauling more number of vehicles at a time. Nevertheless, they are slower and take a long time for navigating in the residential areas.

On the other hand, the pickup style trucks or hot-shot trucks delivers the vehicles faster and encompass an easier navigation through the neighborhood places. However, the service would be a bit more expensive.

If your car is a vintage one or very expensive then you can make use of enclosed i.e. tractor trailer trucks for the reason that it protects from weather and road elements. But, the thing is, the cost for this types of truck would be as much as twice when, compared to the open trailer method.

Again if you fix on, to go for open trailer, there would be several types to choose from that as well.

It is all about position of the car in trailer whether top or bottom rack is better. Considering these entire things one should decide on the truck type.