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  • Review Title :   No Follow Up Service On Damage.
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We scheduled a carrier (Xpresspd) through G&L Enterprises (which did a great job). The car delivery was planned for 6:00 pm and then offered for night delivery (11:00 pm), we scheduled for the next day at 4:00pm and the car was delivered at 9:00 pm that night. Upon inspection in the daylight of following day there was damage (scratches) on the passenger side of the vehicle. Xpresspd contact numbers did not respond and would not accept voicemail, so we had to follow-up with the carrier driver and the scheduling company (G&L) who also could not get response from the carrier. We are still unable after 10 days to obtain a response from Xpresspd and are now having to file a damage report with the police department to process through our own insurance.

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