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WolfePack Transport Philosophy- they do not follow their business philosophy. Once they took your money, they called it a deposit they do not care if your car is shipped/pick up. They are disorganized. I called to follow up my car delivery for out of state all of their extension was all busy from morning to noon. How that customers be properly served. My hubby was so frustrated with their kind of service. Here is what happened to us we paid this company $ 175 and then we paid the driver $725. In the email: Wolfepack Transport said the standard shipping for open shipping ( not enclosed shipping) is $ 685. Would that be nice if WolfePack tells the correct bill amount which is the total of $ 900? The pickup location and the destination were already disclosed to the WolfePack Transport they do not have a reason NOT to disclose the exact amount. Make sense? I later contacted another car shipping company with an honest cost. I would not recommend and will never use this Wolfepack Transport ever again. The driver is wonderful, his name is Pedro Salazar, but he does not work directly with the WolfePack Transport. I would recommend the driver but not the WolfePack Transport agency. Another reason why I am giving 1 star was that the person who answered the phone after several attempts of calling was very unprofessional. His answer was " well, we sent the driver and you told him you did not need" wait a minute. Would it be appropriate if WolfePack transport representative called/sent an email to the client ahead of time to inform the client, the driver so and so is coming at an approximate time at least? Where is the customer service courtesy?

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