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  • Review Title :   Damaged my contracted vehicle to be delivered
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Review Description

Good initial sales pitch, cleverly masks their false advertising. Weston Imports stated their company owned multi-vehicle carrier truck would pick up my automobile, and tracking was readily available through customer service. Their initial truck was in fact a subcontractor who never showed up and did not call, and Weston Imports provided no initial calls for several days either. A SECOND pick-up was again through a subcontractor (B&W Towing) who stated they were to pick-up one additional car only. Subcontractor picked up & dropped off more than "one other" car, lost/totaled a delivery car in its care on an interstate and damaged my contracted vehicle to be delivered. Weston Imports obligated me (its client) to work through B&W Towing (Weston Imports subcontractor) to collect for damages just to initially find out B&W Towing/Weston Imports subcontractor DID NOT have insurance. Weston-Imports would not intervene, would not take customer service calls, and certainly offered no financial reimbursement towards damages and/or "delivery fee". I personally spent days trying to get the car picked up, and weeks seeking insurance funds to cover damages. Weston Imports PROVIDED NO SERVICE and I strongly recommend looking for another delivery source.

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