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If I could give these people a zero star I would. I am self employed and working with these folks was short of a nightmare. They called the day before saying they were on their way so I called them no answer I rushed home only to find out they were coming the next day. Not only did I loose work in my busiest work day but working with them was incredibly stressful. When I did finally reach the driver he said he would be their the following morning and to have a check cashiers check or cash. It was hard to even understand him but the worst part of it was when he arrived he told me he was there only to find out he was backing my car out into a middle of a busy intersection. I had a check in hand and he very rudely refused saying it was cash or money order only. He refused to properly drop my car off saying the driveway was too small I have a huge huge driveway. They ran me ragged on X Mas Eve. I ran to the bank got him cash and picked up my car from safeway. My car is filthy. I am a business owner myself and their work ethic insults me. I am seriously thinking of reporting them. Do yourself a favor and do not work with them. Hope this saves someone else the aggravation they caused me.

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