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Said the cars would be picked up within a week, here we are a month later and still haven't picked up! Requested a refund 2 weeks ago, haven't seen that either. I have called and emailed several times and was promised a refund within 3-5 business days well that came and went and still nothing. Called and emailed again and again without any reply til I finally got a hold of Tony yesterday and he said it was sent to accounting and there is nothing else he can do and that accounting was backed up. What a joke this company is. Worst mistake I ever made, and to top it off they're not stealing from me personally they are stealing from 2 teenagers (my kids) who bought cars from out of state and hired these fools who are worthless!! My kids work very hard for their money and to have somebody steal it really angers me, even though it has taught them a hard lesson!

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