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I hired UFirst auto transport to deliver my fully restored antique 1954 chevy truck from Florida to New Jersey. I was quoted $595 for the shipping. UFirst then sub contracted to Next Step Auto, Inc. The vehicle was picked up on October 7, 2014 and delivered to me on October 9, 2014. The truck had been moved in and out during the trip to accommodate the other vehicles. Upon arrival at my home on October 9, 2014, the driver removed the tie down straps that secured the vehicle and drove the vehicle off the enclosed truck. Upon inspection, the roof was found dented and scratched. The driver for Next Step apologized and provided me with a detailed report acknowledging that they damaged the vehicle during the move. The next day I contacted UFirst to advise them of the situation and I drove the truck to a repair shop to get a quote. The paint on the truck is a 3 part diamond pearl white and the repair estimate amounted to $2,440.14. I received 2 other quotes all within the same estimate. When I supplied this estimate to Next Step the owner became agitated and began to dispute the estimate. I told him to call the body shop himself. He never did. U First then gave me his insurance information. I filled out all the necessary claim information and submitted to OOIDA Risk Retention. After one month , my claim was denied because during the interview the driver claimed he was negligent and did not secure the vehicle. There is a loop hole in the insurance that it only covers accidents and fire not driver negligence. Anyhow, I am now stuck with $2,440.14 in repairs and have turned it over to my own insurance who will most likely have to subrogate. Be careful choosing a carrier and ask for a copy of their insurance policy so that you don’t get stuck like me.

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