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Just before 3pm PST Monday Feb 18th, 2013, I called and spoke to one of your representatives. I apologize, but did not catch his name. As we were completing my order (which would be executed over a month from now), I asked about your cancellation policy. Your representative told me that he "did not want to waste his time unless this was a 100% opportunity." I am planning a move over a month in advance and things may change. When I said that was a possibility and that I thought he was behaving rudely, he reiterated that he did not want to waste his time, then said i wish you the best and hung up. While I was once feeling strongly about using your company - I now have a very poor taste in my mouth over this experience and am completely rethinking my using your company for this trip. I do not feel that it is good business practice to tell people they aren't worth your time for simply asking about your cancellation policy. What sort of ethic does this reflect? I hope that in the future you are able to handle situations such as this more gracefully than your company has today. Answer: You didn't just ask about the cancellation policy. If you did we would have no problem working on this transport for you and answer your questions. You said I am not sure if I fully want to use your company but I still want you to work on my transport. Why would we put our resources to work for a client if they are not fully committed in using our services? If you would have just stated, what if I decided not to move or my future job plans could change then things would have been different but you said I might want a different company to ship my vehicle. That is what sparked the conversation between us. So many people do double book or switch companies and we have to eliminate any risk, so our energy can be fully commented to the clients that are serious. Then you mocked my ethics, Miss this is the shipping industry and we don't work for free. If your looking to book with multiple companies we are not interested. This is not that industry were the customer is first and writing an email wont change anything. I own this business. My response: I not sure that I see what the value of double booking is and that was not my intention. You immediately assumed that's where I was going. I actually felt so on the defensive when you accused me of it, that I immediately made up a scenario where I might need to cancel for that reason. I am sorry that you have such a bitter attitude and assume the worst. I am quite confident that had you not behaved as you did that you would have has my business. Now you absolutely will not and I will be sure to relay your company's attitude to anyone willing to listen and to read this email interaction. It may be your company and your prerogative to behave this way, but its poor business practice. Try being less abrasive with potential clientele and you may find less people double booking or going else where.

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