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  • Review Title :   Misleading Quote
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Review Description

I was originally quoted at $1275. I was contacted many times and given great customer service. Then they got my credit card information. Zippo. A week later i had to call them to get an update. Nothing. Two days later, they asked for $200 more to ship the vehicle as n "option". I declined as that was not what they quoted me at. Two weeks, Multiple phone cals, emails, and i finally hear back from them. We concluded our business on a sour note afetr they admitted they culd not ship my vehicle. i have now gone four weeks without my vehicle all due to a quote that was low enough to get me started, but not enough to actually ship the vehicle. Other companies will be forward and tell you that you will get a quote, and after a week or so they will call and ask for more money. Beleive it. keep your options open and keep surfing for shippers until your vehicle is on its way.

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