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I contracted Grand Auto Transportation through American Car Transport to have my 1981 inoperative Rolls Spirit winched on and off their carrier and transported from LA to Houston. The car was placed on a spot that caused the chassis to rub on the platform during the trip. The car when delivered was on the top of the truck and the driver did not have a winch and said it would have to be fork lifted off. I said that was not the service I paid for. After hours of trying to figure a way, I had no choice but to let them fork lift the car off the carrier. There is damage to the undercarriage and components from the rubbing on the carrier and from being fork lifted off truck. I paid a high price for service not delivered. I feel this company uses fraudulent practices and all should be aware of dealing with this company and their dispatcher "Jack". This company is also affiliated with "Transport Me Inc". There phone number is 818-768-5225.

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