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ATTENTION I need to tell you about the way Suncoast Auto Transport do business. First they call and tell you that they will give you the lowest price possible and (of course) excellent service. They had 3 weeks to find a truck to transport our car. We were speaking with tem every 2 days, and they were promising that car will be transport in the day we requested. Then they called us at the very last minute, when we were ready to go home and had our plane tickets, and tell us that IN ORDER TO TRANSPORT YOUR CAR YOU NEED TO PAY THEM MORE MONEY, AND IT IS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST TO DO SO. Don't fall into this trap and don't get into very uncomfortable situation like we did with Suncoast Auto Transport. Find a transport elsewhere.

Rebuttal for this comment
Title    :     this is not a customer of ours
Rebuttal    :     this is not a customer of ours, please remove this review, this Donald Tackett was an employee of ours that got fired
Posted By     :      jon genereux
Date               :     21-09-2011

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