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I wrote to James Johansen and Simeon Gulley via email requested that Suncoast Auto Transport refund me the funds which were deducted from my credit card WITHOUT my approval. On April 26, 2012 I began discussion with James Johansen via internet/email regarding the possible transport of my car out of state and it was CLEARLY STATED BY JAMES IN AN EMAIL TO ME (that I'm happy to fwd or show anyone) THAT THERE WAS NO DEPOSIT AND NO MONEY WOULD BE DEDUCTED FROM MY ACCOUNT without my formal (further) approval upon finding a carrier but that I should just e-sign the paperwork prior in order to start the search for a carrier. Although, again, he communicated ***no money would be deducted until a carrier was found and we formally agreed after the carrier was found***. I would be happy to demonstrate this with copies of our email, phone and voicemail communications. I did not receive any further communication until May 4, 2012. On May 4, 2012 I left work (where I did not have cell phone access all day) to receive several VERY rude, and even threatening emails from James and Simeon regarding a truck waiting for me that day. I called both James and Simeon back immediately upon receiving their voicemails that evening. As neither answered their phones, I left both voicemails stating I was very upset with the service (for both assuming I was transporting my vehicle when I had received no further notice as James had communicated I would, and for the condescending, rude, insulting voicemails) and that I wanted any transport they had assumed cancelled immediately and any funds they had charged returned to my account immediately. I STILL have not received the credited funds that they deducted from my account without my approval back to my account. THEY ROBBED ME OF $195 IN A VERY DIRTY DISHONEST BUSINESS PRACTICE. WATCH OUT, THEY WILL ROB YOU!! I have moved several times and assisted friends as well. There are several great auto transport companies out there that practice honest business with concern for their customers. Do not waste your time or chance it with Suncoast.

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