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  • Review Title :   Damaged and undelivered vehicle
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I contracted with Suncoast Auto Carriers out of Florida. They in turn sub-contracted with Finish Line Auto Transport in Apple Valley, California. I will make this brief. I believe both companies are a rip off. Finish Line is a bogus company. Their address is non-existent which I confirmed with the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department. The phone numbers for the company are "ghost" numbers. When I researched one of the numbers it came back to Southwest Airlines in Nevada. After having my car for a over a month they never delivered it. I had to fly to California to pick it up. When I picked it up it was damaged and it had 3000 miles more on the odometer than when I purchased it. They never refunded my money. I made complaints with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation. They have not helped me at all in recovering the money I paid to transport my vehicle or for the damage. Suncoast Auto Transport was extremely uncooperative in helping me. They sub-contracted the transportation of my vehicle to Finish Line Auto Transport. They failed to check Finish Line to see if they were a responsible company. I relied and trusted Suncoast with the transportation of my vehicle, even paying up front in full for the transportation. The dispatcher at Suncoast was rude and had no knowledge of where my vehicle was and gave me misinformation about it. I rarely got a return phone call from Suncoast and had to constantly call them. Suncoast reimbursed me the $150.00 booking fee I paid to them only after I complained. I'm sure they refunded my money to shut me up. They have basically washed their hands of this incident. I don't care what their contract states. They were ultimately responsible for my vehicle. I can get no help from any agency I have contacted. Basically I am told there is nothing I can do. This company is run by scam artists and thieves. DO not use Suncoast Auto Transport. For all I know both companies are working together.

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