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Buyer BEWARE. !!!This is a scam operation... They quote you a price then hire a driver who demands more money on delivery .or no car..... Told car was to be picked up on a tue. Never came til thurs. Car was to be delivered from Sarasota fla to Roch, ny Car never left fla til 2 days later. Was promised to arrive on following Monday....never happened. They do not answer phone, texts, or emails . I had to leave it unattended because I had flight to catch. When car did arrive driver insisted on 200 $ more or would take it back to fla. I had to call sheriff. All in all terrible experience! Research companies before using. ...this was a nightmare!! I would give them NO STARS!! They have you at their mercy.. Outright SCAMMERS. Sheriff. Agreed they are bogus. Do not give them your business. SCAM. Even sheriff agreed they are.

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