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Sun Auto transport is very unreliable, dishonest, and unprofessional. This refers not only to their services, but also to the workers. The company has several numbers, however these numbers either lead to the same individual or the voicemail service. John arranged for my car to be picked up Friday Sept 7th for a total of 425.00. I had my first suspicions of the credibility of the company when John processed my payment and promptly hung up in my face before giving me a confirmation number or an order number. When I called back several times to get that information, he did not answer. On Friday I called to confirm what time to expect the driver. John stated that he could only get a driver to pick up the car as promised if I paid an additional $25.00. I refused to pay additional fee and stated that I wanted my deposit refunded to me. John stated that the dispatcher handled all the refunds. When I talked to the dispatcher he stated that the owner handled all of the refunds. When I called the owner he said he needed a couple of days to review the situation. I didn't hear back from him for several days. I called SunAuto Transport about two weeks ago. I spoke with the owner who said he would refund the deposit and it would show up in my account in the next two days. The money has not posted. Today, Sept 19, I called and the manager said he was going to process all of the refunds at the end of the month but he had to have the owner's approval first. Quickly frankly, SunAuto Transport is run and operated by schemers. I have contacted my bank to start the charge back process. I suggest that anyone dealing with the same situation do the same or consider suing.

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