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The first scheduled pick up date was May 20th, 2011, I waited all day, called them many times, no one answered, it was not until the next day at 7pm that a driver called me to tell me that he would pick up my car, I had a problem with that because he was not the driver that I was told would pick up my car, I would not have had a problem if Jainny or someone from that company would of informed me of the changes and that it was still under the insurance guarantee etc. I was very upset, felt that I was not taken seriously enough to receive a call back. On May 23rd, 2011 I was finally able to contact them and spoke to Felipe who told me that they would not refund the total deposit but would discount $50.00 for the inconvenience which I though was ok and then proceeded to schedule me for May 27th, 2011 again I waited all day I personally called the driver to make sure he was coming that day, when at approx. 7-8pm the driver calls me upset that he can't find my house, I asked him where he was so that I could guide him and that is when he tells me he is in SAN DIEGO I don't live in San Diego, I live in Riverside, CA which is about 80+ miles north of San Diego, all the documents including the paypal transactions have my Riverside, CA address. I should have suspected that they were not professional enough back when I was scheduling the first pick up Jainny had my address and tells me that the driver would pick my car up in Los Angeles which is 50+ miles west, I told her I lived in Riverside not Los Angeles and she said I thought you lived in CALIFORNIA, I had to explain the different cities etc. The second pick up was a bust, so I contacted them again the following Monday asked for a full refund and was treated very badly by miss Jainny she was very rude and basically told me I didn't know my own address. I can work with people who can acknowledge their mistakes but dislike those who blame others for their own incompetence. After giving them many opportunities to make things right I went with another company that scheduled my car pick up quickly and efficiently I had absolutely no problems. With Sun Auto Transport I lost time, work days and had to change my flight and even after so many mistakes on their part I was told that they have a NO REFUND POLICY which would be ok if and when they had not made so many mistakes and would have been able to offer reliable services nothing went right, BEWARE!!!!

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