Landon Van Winkle review for State 2 State Auto Transport Inc.

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  • Posted From :   Hawaii
  • Review Title :   AVOID!
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  • Origin :   Texas
  • Pickup :   On Time
  • Destination :   Hawaii
  • Delivery :   Late
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Review Description

I used this company to transport my 2010 Nissan Altima from west texas to Oahu, Hawaii. They misquoted the price I was to pay to Matson, the shipper out of Long Beach, so I ended up paying more than they quoted. After the driver picked up my vehicle, I couldn't get ahold of the agents at State 2 State to save my life. The driver's truck broke down in San Antonio and was delayed for 11 days. Not his fault really, but the worst part was State 2 State never notified me of the delay! I had to call the driver directly to find out my car was still in Texas when I was expecting it in Honolulu the same week. He even called State 2 State to ask if he should call me about the situation, and they told him no! Worst customer service ever!

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