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  • Review Title :   Highly Recommend!
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Manny Cabrera was our sales rep who handled our situation with professionalism and excellent communication. For starters, my hubby appreciated the fact that Manny tuned into his directives helping him feel comfortable with the transport of his pride and joy, a silver Mbz E-350, hubby baby. Even though the 1st driver appointed didnot work out, Manny follow-through provided us with a great driver, Steve. We got what we requested enclosed transport, good communicator-driver with on time performance and a highly responsible individual who would treat hubbys car with the utmost care. We believe in tipping for outstanding service which Steve deserved and received. Manny offered competitive pricing with outstanding service. It was important to us that he stood by the agreed-upon quote given, which he did. A lot of other transports do not. We were not charged anything until hubbys car was safely delivered and inspected. A great experience, would highly recommend Manny at South Beach Transport.

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