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  • Review Title :   Bad experience
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I am a doctor sworn to do no harm. If you cannot trust me I am not sure who you can trust. South Beach transport company aka Car2Transport will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get a deposit out of you. The deposit is their fee for finding you a hauler. The rest of the money is paid by you directly to the hauler. Be warned, soon as south beach has your deposit you are on your own. If the company they find for you is a good one you will probably be just fine. if the company they select for you are flakes which is often the case you are on your own. This despite south beaches promises to help you find another hauler if that scenario should arise. They will no longer talk with you or answer your emails once they have your money. They feel no obligation to you whatsoever once they give you the name and number of a hauler. The company they set me me up with to do the actual hauling of my car Pacific Auto Delivery said Nicole Cooke at South Beach Transport was lying to me when she claimed to me she had a confirmed contract with Pacific auto delivery for a specific pick up date. For those of you who signed south beaches aka cars2transport contract do not be afraid as my attorneys at Parker Stanbury of Los Angeles reviewed and feel its an uninforcable one sided agreement. Its this agreement that south beach feels gives them the right to treat their clients like trash after they receive your money. In the end pacific transport called me back saying they would pick up my car on the agreed upon date. I got lucky, but south beach transport were completely MIA when deal started to go wrong. As for any positive postings regarding either south beach or car2transport these postings were likely posted by the companies themselves My advice is to never use a broker, find an actual hauler and deal with them directly. No upfront money, pay upon delivery.

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