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  • Review Title :   great transport
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I needed a last minute transport done and I had been signed up with another company and no one showed. I needed to get my car from Maryland to San Francisco. I was flying out the next day in the evening. I had gotten a few voice messages from Nicole Cooke, so out of sheer panic and desperation, I called her. It was after 6pm so I thought I would get her voicemail. I was totally floored that Nicole answered me. I told her my dilemma and what time my flight was. She gave me 3 options regular, expedited or enclosed. She recommended the expedited. It was pricey but I needed my car GONE. She called me around 10pm that she had a truck with space and he could pick up the next morning. He was on my doorstep 7:30am. The relief to see my car leave on a truck, was immeasurable. I got to San Francisco. Between the trucker, Mike, his dispatcher, Julie and Nicole I was kept updated on my transport. My car made it without a scratch. I am happy to recommend Nicole and South Beach Transport

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