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  • Review Title :   Do you like getting swindled?
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If you like being treated poorly and professionalism is unimportant, then these guys have you covered. They start off with a sales pitch that just bad mouths their competitors and they urge you to “burn the emails any competitors sent you” (kind of a silly pitch, but ok). After you (and I, foolishly) agree to their terms and sign paperwork, they’ll continue to spam the crap out of your inbox with ads (why, you already have my business?), annoying, but whatever :delete:. After the carrier picked up my car, they called my phone 13 times and left 5 voicemails with in a couple hours of each other! It was in the middle of my work day, why can’t I just call you back on my break!? When I called back, they increased the price to transport my car $100! I told them I wasn’t paying an increase and I already had a signed contract. I talked to the actual company moving my car and South Beach Transport gave them a quote that was higher than what they told me, just plain bad business. Finally picked up my car (it was in good shape). Bottom line, be careful what broker you use to transport your vehicle, might as well pay the extra $100 to one of the other guys rather than get jerked around by South Beach Transport. Due to an awful experience and feeling like the broker cared more about getting his cut rather than providing good, honest customer service, I would not recommend these guys. (The employees pose as customers and post good reviews)

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