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  • Review Title :   Caution! Very unprofessional!
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I contacted South Beach Transport to obtain a quote for shipping my vehicle, but elected to use another shipping company. I continue to receive spam via email and tect from them, in spite of requests to stop. After three weeks spam to my cell phone, I submitted a review detailing this experience. This is when the true lack of professionalism became apparent. I immediately received a phone call from South Beach Transport, and was yelled at for submitting the review. Classy. They then submitted multiple false shipping quotes under my name, resulting in the waste of many other shipping company's time. There are many shipping companies out there. Don't waste your time with this one.

Rebuttal for this comment
Title    :     Ex Employee
Rebuttal    :     This review that is posted on this site is by a ex employee Vendor, they left this review because we chose to no longer use them
Posted By     :      Rene Anthony
Date               :     09-06-2012

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