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  • Review Title :   Safe Direct Car Shipping review
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  • Origin :   California
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I recently had my 2002 Lexus RX 300 transported from CA to FL. Tom Miller was very helpful with providing a lot of information that was very accurate. There was only one issue that occurred. We had scheduled a carrier to pick up my car, when the day to pick up came both Tom and I couldn't get a hold of the carrier at first. The carrier contact called me but couldn't speak English, nor did the have anyone that could speak English. The carrier's customer service was less than stellar. Tom managed the situation very well. He ended up canceling the carrier and found another one within 30 minutes. The 2nd attempt to pick up was for another day. The carrier rep contacted me prior to picking up and went over the process. When they picked up, the driver inspected the car for scrapes and bumps. They also saw that I had some belongings in the car that might put them over the weight limit for their truck. Due to this I had to pay $75 extra for them to take my car. Overall it was a good experience and I would do this again.

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