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Worst Experience Ever, Total Cluster Shipped my Corvette from Germany to USA. Delivery was 77 days AFTER the estimated delivery date(EDD 16 Dec21- delivered 3Mar22). Why? Because they forgot to load the car on the ship in Germany!!! Told me the car had cleared customs and was being scheduled for delivery then was told, oops we forgot to send the car with the paperwork, our bad. Then they had to mail the keys back and reschedule another ship. Then charged me $140.00 for storage in Germany because they forgot to put the car on the ship, which they would not give back. Charged my credit card twice for the shipping cost and took 2 weeks and several emails and phone calls to get a refund on one of the charges. Received the car covered in dirt and pollen with an empty fuel tank and an additional 5 kilometers on the odometer. You needed to drive my car around, why? Couldn’t be more sorry I used these guy’s Shipped my other vehicle with IAL Solutions. Car arrived on time with no extra charges. Delivered washed and ready.

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