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  • Review Title :    great experience
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  • Delivery :   Early
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  • Overall Customer Service :   Poor

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I was assigned this company as my transport carrier through a broker. I read the reviews and was a bit nervous that my expectations wouldnot be met. My husband and I moved to Oregon from California, and we only wanted to drive one car up so we opted to ship mine. It was picked up on the estimated pick up date. (Woo!) The driver picked up really close to our apartment too so that was convenient. Drop off was one day after the expected delivery date, which actually worked out better for me anyways. My car arrived in Oregon in the exact shape I left it in California. I met the driver in Oregon at a gas station and he already had it loaded off the truck by the time I got there. The pick up and delivery drivers as well as the lady I spoke to on the phone in their office were all courteous. So I am not sure why the reviews are awful, I personally had a great experience using this company to ship my car. Tip: take cash to pay when they deliver, it will save you the hassle.

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