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  • Review Title :   Worst Service EVER!!
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The person Jim Thompson(Plaza auto transport Representative) promised me that he will find a driver to pick up my car on sunday 31st July morning, a day later, after i paid him deposit, he send me a dispatch confirmation letter which says the my car will be picked up on 2nd August. I called him million times but he never reply. I had called their customer service but another guy told me my car CAN ONLY PICK UP ON 2nd of August and JIM is not in the COUNTRY!!! i felt upset and cheated but the person on the phone was saying he's getting irritating and do not want to talk to me anymore. He warn me to look up the contact carefully before calling him...When I placed order with JIM, I told him that I need to use my car on Saturday morning and I am leaving on Sunday afternoon so my car must be shipped either saturday night or sunday morning, he made promise and talked very nice to me. But after i paid deposit, I never heard from him again... I seriously wish people who want to ship their car DO NOT choose this company... THEY ARE NOT reliable at all.

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