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  • Posted From :   Massachusetts
  • Review Title :   do not use this auto transport
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  • Quote or Order ID :   15047-MR
  • Origin :   Massachusetts
  • Pickup :   Never
  • Destination :   Florida
  • Delivery :   Never
  • Honesty :   NA
  • Knowlegeable :   NA
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  • Overall Customer Service :   NA

Review Description

i would advise anyone looking to transport their vehicle not to use the Pettit Family auto transport,,quoted in their ad:No Up-Front Deposits 100% Customer Satisfaction, $125 was charged against my credit card, i was told in error and would be removed, never was, my credit card company had to recoup the money,,and i was zero% satisfied, the car was never picked up, and the owners dropped all contact with me, not even an apology, very shabby customer service. Do not use them, no matter how promising they sound, you will be sorry!!

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