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  • Review Title :   Patriot Van lines is a scam.. don't hire them if you want ur money in ur pocket and not their's
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Patriot Van lines is the biggest scam. These people ripped us off which we didn't deserve. When they first gave the quote, they said for 1br and below 3000lbs, it would cost us $2200 to move to madison, WI from CA. Even though other movers also gave the same quote, due to lack of knowledge of how bad this company is, we eventually hired this service. On moving day they said they would come around 3PM and they came at 6PM which delayed our travel to Madison. They were very harsh with stuff that were written fragile. When I mentioned to them that they were fragile then they would correct it. How irresponsible. While picking up the stuff, when we asked them when will the stuff arrive they said if we call the next day, they would be able to tell. When we called the next day, nobody would say anything. so we called them for 5 days continuously and nobody has any information where our stuff is and when it would be available. Then all of a sudden the 5th day driver of the truck calls and he will deliver our stuff the next day and then he says, that our stuff weighed 4500lbs and we would pay $1500 more. We don't even have much furniture. All we haev were a sofa and a love seat which me being pregnant can move with single hand. We bought those bcoz they are lightweight and comfortable to move while vacuuming, one queen mattress and box, and a wooden dining table. Thats the only furniture we had and rest are clothes and kitchen utensils. I am still wondering how that little stuff can weight 4500 and if we assess all our stuff, it wouldn't even be closer to $3500 which we paid for the movers. For crying out loud, my sofa set costed $500, mattress and box costed $300 and dining table was bought second hand for $50. we could have bought nice stuff with the money we paid for the movers. So coming back to the driver's call, he mentioned that he would only take cash or money order and wouldn't take credit card, check or any other payment which nobody told us before. He tells us this the night bfore hez delivering. By that time all the banks were closed and there is a limit on how much you draw money from ATM in 24hrs so even if my husband and I both take money from our bank accts, we wouldn't be able to draw that much amount. se we thought we would do moneyorder from USPS the next morning. Turns out the post office is closed for next day as it was a public holiday. When we called the driver and said that, he was screaming at us rudely saying he needs money at any cost and he wouldn't spare us. we didn't want to argue with such rude person so we went to walmart for moneygram and it costed us $155 for money gram. so another ripp off..Also the driver again called to make sure our address is not showing up in his GPS. We were trying to tell him the directions and he was screaming at us saying he cannot understand the directions that we are telling him. How can he understand us while hez screaming at us, when we are explaining him patiently the directions. He screamed at us for sometime and then disconnected the phone saying he will be at our apartment the next day. The next morning, I was waiting for the truck at home while my husband left to work. He was very scared abt how that driver is gonna behave with me. OK so the driver came 2 hrs late,cam home and took money from me first and he waited another hr for his unloading guys to come. Then they started unloading. The local madison unloading guys were really nice people. They were very polite, patient and helpful. I found somewhat safe after these guys came. As I am new to Madison, they were giving me tips and advises abt madison and they were really sweet. These 2 guys were the only good thing among all this moving massacre. So they unloaded the stuff and since I am pregnant, I asked them to kindly assemble the bed frame and they also did that without any questions asked and unwrapped the sofa sets so that I can sit comfortably. The truck driver came up in the last, said he would like to use the restroom, turns out that pig didn't even flush our toilet properly. what an Ugly nasty pig.. yaakkk... So they all left after unloading and when I was unpacking my stuff, i observed that 3 of my boxes are missing. When I called the claims department, they said that they would try to find out in a day and if they are not able to locate my boxes, I need to fill out a claim form. They didn't find my stuff as expected. We had some costly kitchen equipment and coats and stuff in those boxes. When I sat down to mention that in the claim form, I found written there that they would pay by weight, not per the cost of our stuff. They would pay 60cents/lb. So our $150 worth coat would weight 3lbs and we would get $1.08 if we file a claim. That's so unfair. Now I am not even bothering to file the claim as clearly they are robbers stealing money from people for which we can't even file a compliant at a police station. From now, we decided that whenever we move its better to sell all our stuff, and buy new stuff at our new location. That way we don't get robbed by these people and can enjoy new stuff for the money atleast. People, please be aware of Patriot van lines and don't hire them if you want your money in your pockets and not their's. Please don't be fooled by their sweet talk when you call them for a quote. They will be sweet till your stuff is in their truck. Once it gets into their truck, you are their slaves and will have nowhere to go. We lost so much money for them, we still are mad at ourselves for not researching much abt this company and giving them stuff in rush. Please don't do the same mistake.

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