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The Good: As movers, they are quick and efficient. They got the job done with minimal issue (nothing was lost or damaged), so no complaints there. The Bad: John, the owner, is at best careless and at worst dishonest. I read the other negative reviews here, and that all seems pretty on-brand. He will bully you into accepting his shady practices. PDQ moved my stuff twice. The first time, John pressured me into signing a document saying they would not be liable for anything damaged during the move. When I questioned him on this, he seemed offended that I would even ask and assured me that if he damaged anything he would pay for it out of pocket just because he would "feel bad." Then why have me sign a document? He just wanted me to take his word. I caved and signed it, and luckily nothing was damaged during the move. They moved my stuff into his buddys storage, which he claimed would be prorated if I did not use the whole month (it was not) and I could pay by credit card (I could not). The second time they moved my stuff, John brought an extra mover just so he could get "in and out" quicker (the rate for an additional mover was not worth the time it saved me). Then, his incorrect math overcharged me 0.5 hours (see attached photo). He was rushing me to sign the check, so I did not bother to check his math (my bad, but still...). I did not catch this error until I was going through old documents years later. 0.5 hours at $225/hour is... well, a lot of money. The entire experience left a poor taste in my mouth, like I had been taken advantage of. Personally, I would look for a mover with a bit more professional courtesy.

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