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  • Review Title :   Highest Recommendation.
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p.a.t.s auto transport provided me with superb service. however, if you are just trying to find the lowest cost for auto transport, donot read any further. this auto transport company is not the lowest cost, although its not the highest - its in the middle of the pack. what they will provide is the highest integrity, and the best and friendliest service you will find at any price. and no i am not related to anyone in the company, nor on their payroll. i am just an extremely satisifed customer trying to spread the word about p.a.t.s. they worked with me to try to find the best pickup time and day FOR ME, then was flexible on delivery - to my door. the estimated transport time was correct also. my car antenna was accidently bent during the transport. without any questions, they told me to fix it and send them the bill. i received a refund several days later! you may not need an auto transport company often, but when you do, call p.a.t.s. first.

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