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Open VS. Enclosed Auto Transport

Deciding how exactly to ship your automobile is just as important as deciding which auto shipper to use. There are only two general methods-means of vehicle transport: open car carriers and enclosed or covered auto transporters. When you're making a decision between booking an open car mover or an enclosed auto shipper, think about what type of vehicle will be going on the transporter's truck and then choose the car transport service.

Enclosed Auto Transporters

Covered auto transporters are best reserved for vehicles with low ground clearance, vehicles with exposed interiors and of course for classic, high end, exotic or luxury automobiles. Most enclosed carriers are equipped with hydraulic lift gates that allow for loading of very low ground clearance vehicles. Most sports cars are low ground clearance. These types of gates will hold the car in horizontal position providing safer lifting of the car. Moreover, covered auto shipping trailers offer complete protection from weather elements and hard flying objects. The enclosed transporter will also prevent dust from entering the automobile while in transit. There are two types of auto transporters - hard sided and soft sided. Either type will offer great protection for your classic, sports or luxury automobile.

Open Auto Transport

Open car carriers by comparison are easy to know when to use in that they're standard auto transporters for most standard vehicles. Now that's not to say that your particular auto isn't a prized possession that deserves the best possible care, but rather an observation closer to noting that an 18 year-old and a 50 year-old have different travel comfort needs. Open car shipping is used for cars coming out of the manufacturing plant, and going to the dealership. It is perfectly safe and the most commonly used auto transport service. Any standard vehicle will arrive safely and securely at your door after a move atop an open car carrier.

Whichever method you choose it is important to first research the transport company you are going to hire. There are thousands of car transport companies and knowing who you are dealing with will make things much easier. Always try to choose nationwide ranking vehicle transport companies. Research them and read their reviews, and hen obtain car shipping quotes. Reading auto transport reviews will give you an idea of how the company operates and treats its customers. Once you have chosen the car shipping company it is recommended you read tips for transporting your car. Learn how to prepare your car for shipping and how long it will take to ship it. The more you know the better you will feel while waiting for your car to be delivered.