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  • Review Title :   Late, lies, and Damaged
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  • Origin :   Hawaii
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Lies,The representative on the phone who took my order was full of energy and pep which was nice. However he was also full of something else. The two issues that I have with this portion of the process was this: Estimated time of shipment given during sales pitch was two weeks. This seemed plausible, in reality it was closer to 1 month. They also said they were fully bonded and insured and that no-matter what happened to my car, it would be covered! I specifically asked for clarification on this point because most shippers only cover some minimal amount. Fully covered no matter what was the reply. I have been trying to recover damages to my vehicle for the last 3 months. They will gladly pass you off onto their subcontractors who actually ship you car and they will be of no assistance to you, thanks MON TRANS!- all the while- blaming the other parties. Customer service- great during sign up-poor every where else-seriously how do these guys stay in business- no return calls, no returned emails, they couldn't even get the delivery date right 1 day out. Best part- claims went on leave for 3 weeks- and no manager was available to speak with me. i was also made to wait for over a month for a call from "mike" who never did call I'm currently filing a claim in small claims in a MO court to recoup the estimated 1900 dollars in damages to my car. Late: Two weeks estimate during the sales pitch turned into 30 days. They couldn't even tell me where my car was the day of the drop off, and I had to pick it up at 10 PM in a walmart parking lot. Damaged, My car was returned to me Dirty, Damaged, and with a Dead Battery. Someone- Matson probably left the door cracked keeping the dome light on and allowing a ample coating of filth in my car-as well as grimy handprints. Finally the car had two giant dents on the lower air dam where it had been carelessly run into something. They have provided no assistance in recouping the damages, taking 3 months to p

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