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et me tell you my moving story: We decided with my wife to move to argentina, and started browsing for moving companies in the internet. I found this moving company in L.A. called moverquest between several, I called and requested a quote. Barry showed up at home from moverquest and saw all the stuff that I had already packed in plastic containers and furniture, etc. He gives me an impressive quote, and he assured that it can only vary depending on the final weight of the shipment, but he bragged saying that the industry standards were a variation of 10 % but he personal standard was 5%, saying that my original quote was $5900. The most expensive company was $7400. I hired them, he was an operator for King Relocation, from United Van Lines. After they picked up my stuff, they come with the surprise that the shipment came higher, and the total was now $ 8400. What happened with the 5% margin of error??? And I would admitted if I added 1000 pounds, but I didnot.

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