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  • Posted From :   Florida
  • Review Title :   Terrible Transporter
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  • Rating:   0 Out of 5
  • Quote or Order ID :   damaged mercedes
  • Origin :   Wisconsin
  • Pickup :   Late
  • Destination :   Florida
  • Delivery :   Late
  • Honesty :   Poor
  • Knowlegeable :   Poor
  • Hold Times/Promptness :   Poor
  • Overall Customer Service :   Poor

Review Description

Damaged valuable car / improper use of tie downs. David Mezzalupo / Mezzalupo Carriers / The Car Stork will not provide his insurance information after several requests I had to file a claim with my own insurance company!!!! Stay away at all cost!!!!!!!!!

Rebuttal for this comment
Title    :      Jurganotto
Rebuttal    :     This negative review is from a refusal to pay an exaggerated and inflated claim. this party had damaged tie down holes in a lower control arm factory recommend tie point could be repaired for a few hundred dollars. This was caused by numerous use of these holes by tow trucks over the life of this 35 year old car. this guy wanted almost 20,000 dollars just to show his character he put in a bad review under two different names.
Posted By     :      David Mazzalupo
Date               :     22-04-2014

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