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PETER LIEGL, LISEL MATZAT PLUNKETT, GREG ANASTASIO, NORM FLORIA, & ANDY FARNSWORTH (works out of his mom's house in Oklahoma 1000 miles away) are UNETHICAL business people, not surprising given that LIEGL is a proven thief whose employees are following his examples of embezzlement and fraud as proven by former executives KRUTTER and TREALOFF in litigation against their former employer PETER LIEGL. Three suicide door Lincolns (2 x '61 1 x '63) were picked up in New York to be moved for a prearranged sum. When the cars arrived at their drop off in California, the driver acerbically refused delivery unless he extorted thousands of more dollars we never agreed to! When we refused only offering hundreds extra instead of thousands, he stopped picking up the phone and disappeared. The driver had impounded the cars at an undisclosed location per the instructions of NORM FLORIA, ANDY FARNSWORTH and GREG ANASTASIO. Over the course of the next several months those individuals all demanded several thousands of dollars which I eventually acquiesced to and who guaranteed in writing the release of my three Lincolns. EVERYONE LIED. When we went to pick up the cars more than one-dozen times we were told we owed thousands of dollars EVEN MORE! When we offered hundreds of dollars we were rebuffed. When we tried to let EVERYONE LISTED ABOVE KNOW, THEY ALL IGNORED E-MAILS AND PHONE CALLS! When we contacted PETER LIEGL's office, his myopic deputy: LISEL PLUNKETT said she would get right back with us. PLUNKETT used an unseasoned attorney with an inferior command of her native tongue to try and scare us off. The cars completely disappeared without even lien sales! These people suck and will wind up meeting dozens more attorneys if necessary before they apologize and pay for stealing my three Lincolns. Mapletree Transport, LLC operates primarily for the benefit of Forest River, Inc. or PETER LIEGL, moving his towable manufactures. When there is a delivery and a hole opens on a return trip, Mapletree forces a guy delivering pop up campers to go out of his way to pick up cars to offset and subsidize having an empty spot from that drop off, obviously severely aggravating the driver on this trip. Rather than run the company professionally PETER LIEGL uses a kid working out of his parent's house in Oklahoma all constellating to result in the theft of my three Lincolns.

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