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  • Review Title :   do not use this company!!!
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The reason I had chose this company is because I had used them before. I had previously had my Ford Expedition shipped from Florida to Hawaii with only minor issues, all in all my truck made it there in good condition. So whan I needed to ship it back of course I decided to go with the company I had already done buisness with. I booked my appointment to have my truck shipped about a month ago. I also spoke with JP. I should I realized something was kind of fishy because I had asked to speak with Stephan(the guy who booked me last time) and he said that he would book me.I gave him a 150$ deposit and booked for June the 8th. Which is next week but after reading all these reveiws and not being able to contact the company for over a month I wont hold my breath for them to pick up my truck so I am gonna book another company and cross my fingers that my truck gets there ok! Wish me luck!

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