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  • Review Title :   beware of this company
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I just tried to schedule a delivery for a refrigerator from Costco. A large French Door Refrigerator which I need right away. After learning that they still contract with Island Movers, I cancelled the order! This company should NOT be connected with Costco! They came to my home a year ago with a delivery, did not even bring a measuring tape? Told me they would have to take apart my bannister and front entry? What? I asked them why not just remove the refrigerator doors? They came with no dolly? What??? I sent them away, Cancelled that order. I refused to sign their Waiver and will Not be doing appliance ordering from Costco if this is the company they continue to use on Maui. Their Business is Moving...and they Require a Waive to Absolve them of damage that they may do to your property! They are incompetent and unaccountable! BEWARE!

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