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I called my local Mercedes Dealership in Orlando and was given the name HIGH END TRANSPORT. I contacted them and was given a price of $1200...more than the other BROKERS but I figured that it was going to be worth it...IT WAS NOT! The 2007 Mercedes gl 450 wa loaded on a truck V & W Lorenz Trucking out of Coiral Gable Fla. The driver loaded the car and told me it would stay in place on top pf the truck in the middle spot. Eight days later the car arrived in Newport Beach. The car had been moved to the back of the tuck and was on a large tilt backwards towards the rear of the car. First I noticed that OIL was leaking from the car, This never had a OIL leak before! The car was unloaded and looking ok but was concerned with the trouble the driver was having getting the chains off. I took the car down the street 1/2 mile to my local Mercedes Repair shop. They put the car on a lift to inspect the oil leaks and was surprised to find that the driver DAMAGED THE FRAME OF THE CAR WITH THE CHAIN OVER-TIGHTENED. tHE METAL WAS RIPPED FROM THE FRAME OF THE CAR. iT WAS DAMAGED IN IN ALL FOUR CORNERS. The Oil Leaks were from the angle that the car was shipped at and damaged the rear Oil Plugs on the car$250 to repair. I contacted Angel at Hight End and the Rep from V&W Lorenz. They told me to contact the insurance carrier for V&W. I called Luis at Total Insurance Corp, Medly Fla 305-863-1644. They did not return my calls for over one week. When I did call again Luis from the INsurance Company tol me that since I signed for the car they will not honor a CALIM, I have photos of the Damaged Frame form the chains and they just told me too F(*&(*&ing BAD call a Lawyer if yoiu have a problem. I recontacted Angel a High End and was told too bad for you....have a nice day. This is a total rip-off. I havephotos of the damged frame. Please inspect the undercarrage of your car if you ship it wit any carrier. Do Not Use High End Transport or VW Lorenz Trucking

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