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  • Review Title :   Pick Up Of Car Experience
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  • Overall Customer Service :   Poor

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I had a very bad experience with this company, and especially with Lee who I believe is the owner. They may have been OK at one time, but I would recommend avoiding them. There were missed dates for pickup, they did not show and did not call, eventually showed up 2 1/2 weeks after the promised date. They are very lax in communication, do not keep the shipper advised, so you are left hanging wondering when they will come. Their office promised 2 days notice, but that never happened. Promised retuirn calls never happened either. When they did show up, Lee was very critical of the car I was shipping. He put down on his form chips and scratches which were not there - a hair had settled on the paint and he mistakenly called it a scratch, flecks of polish were mistakenly called paint chips. When I wanted to note this on the form he said you cannot do that, this is MY form yet I was expected to sign it. He got more and more agitated and eventually lost his temper. He would not listen to the proper way the start the car, had to do it his way, followed by which he stormed off. Very unprofessional and unsatisfactory experience - look elsewhere.

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