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Hired this company in February 2010 to ship a car from CA to my sister in NC and paid $1095 up front. Was sent an email by their rep that car was to be picked up between 2/9- and 2/10. Company was told car was broke down at a mechanic shop and could not sit as they don't provide storage and they said no prob and given dates above for pickup. Almost a month later, they still couldn't find a driver to ship and the mechanic put a lien on the car. The bank found out and picked up the car. I incurred a whole bunch of fees to get the car back and ultimately had to sell the car because of the extra fees I had to pay - I couldn't afford to have the car fixed by my brother-in-law anymore because of all the fees due to Global's negligence. When the car was picked up at the mechanic shop, I cancelled the shipment with Global and miraculously the next morning they send me an email where they have found a driver and to contact them and let them know if I still wanted them to transport so that "they could assign the driver the shipment". I told them no that I no longer had the car because they didn't pick it up in a timely manner and would never use their company again. Their dispatcher sent me and my sister a form to fill out to process a refund and several weeks later I receive an email that I am not entitled to a refund because "Global does not guarantee a specific pickup date and once a driver is assigned they are entitled to all monies paid". No driver was ever assigned to this transport. Since I live in PST and my sister and Global are both EST I contacted them and told them that she had authorization to handle this for me as she would be sending them the emails proving that I did have a specific pickup date and that no driver was assigned. They threatened her and told her she was to cease and desist all contact. Once you hire them ALL customer service issues are all done thru email which they never respond. You sit on the phone for hours at a time just for them to tell you to email them. They are doing this to consumers all over the world and ripoffreport.com and transportreviews.com shows how they are stealing money from consumers in the same way they did to me. They have a BBB rating of F and also use the name Global Relogistics Inc and now Auto Shipping Network. I am very difficult to reach on the #209 phone number but my sister at the #706 number has all of my information and all of the emails back and forth. I sent a letter to headquarters (no reply). They are making thousands of dollars off of people and not providing a service or a product. Yeah I'm sure some transports go smooth but those of us that cannot afford an attorney and can barely scrape up enough money to hire them to begin with are victimized by these people so I hope someone will see this complaint and investigate them and put them out of business!!

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