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  • Review Title :   Nightmare
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  • Origin :   West Virginia
  • Pickup :   Late
  • Destination :   Nevada
  • Delivery :   Late
  • Honesty :   Poor
  • Knowlegeable :   Poor
  • Hold Times/Promptness :   Poor
  • Overall Customer Service :   Poor

Review Description

I actually chose this company because I spoke to three different transporters and Kat made me feel very comfortable that all would be taken care of quickly and professionally and that someone would be available 24 hours a day to help us. The following events are true and I have all emails and texts to confirm it. We were moving from West Virginia to Nevada and chose this company to transport our two vehicles. I called two weeks ahead of time to schedule our pickup and our cars had to be in Nevada for my husbands first day of work July 8th. Our cars were supposed to be picked up between June 26th and 27th while we were out of town in Nevada looking for a place to live. Kat had me arrange for our neighbor to meet the driver to give over possession of our cars. We had to rent a car to drive to the airport because they would be picking up our cars while we were in Nevada.The week before we left for our trip she was supposed to call me with an exact time and date and when I called her she told me not to worry this was perfectly normal and not to worry our cars would be picked up. On the days our cars were to be picked up our neighbor called to say he had not been contacted. I had to call Kat repeatedly before she ever returned my calls. When she finally called back and said not to worry the driver was coming, he never did! So that was the first two days of unwarranted car rentals costing us 150.00 in car rentals! On the plane ride back on July 1st we called the owner Dave. Dave told us he was very sorry that Kat had not communicated and that he would reimburse us for the car rentals and asked us to let him take care of it because we said we would find another transporter. He said no that he would get us a driver and that they would pick up they cars on July 4th or the latest the 5th. OH and they couldn't keep their original quote because they couldn't get a driver to come to West Virginia so we had to increase the quote 400.00 from the original quote of 2480.00 to 2800. Onto car rental number 2 because they would be coming on July 4th and we would be two hours away visiting parents we had to rent a car on July3rd. Guess what? They didn't show up on the 4th! My husband had to again track Dave down who told us that the cars would definitely be picked up on the 5th. Guess what? They didn't pick up the cars on the 5th and on the 5th after we had to track down the driver he said he would be there on Sunday the 7th because his compressor went out but he would be there by the 7th! So obviously my husband was not going to have a car when he got to Nevada (I was following him out on the 12th). So he had to rent a car to get back to the airport and I had to keep a rental so now we have 2 rental cars and no driver and another 400.00 in car rentals. Guess what happened on the 7th? He didn't show up I had to call him and he said he would be there the next morning at 6:30...guess what....he wasn't! I had to track him down and he finally arrived at 9:00 on Monday morning 11 days later than he was supposed to. So my husband had to rent yet another car in Nevada waiting for the arrival of our cars. When we finally got our cars my husband called Dave and we asked for 1,000 (a fraction of what we paid in rentals and pain and suffering) Dave told us he was a man of his word and a hard working family man and could not afford 1,000 and he offered to give us 300.00. He said he would mail it out. We didn't get the check and that was in July. In August my husband left several messages for Dave and finally at the end of August he text my husband that he had mailed the check....it didn't come! In September we got a text from Dave's "wife" Susan that he had sent the check that it must be lost and that they would put a stop payment on it and resend the check. Last week my husband called Kat who in a moment of forgetfulness actually answered the phone and he told her if we didn't get the check by the end of the week we were taking legal action (which we are) and that we would post the review of the horrible experience we had, at this point it is a matter of principal. I will be lodging a complaint with the BBB next and we will be taking action for the thousands we are out in rentals and in time. We were kind enough to settle on the 300.00 (which it is now October and we have not received) because we felt sorry for him and he took advantage of the entire situation and has not tried to resolve it. This is a true experience and I have all of the texts and emails to prove it. If the company tries to deny it in anyway they are just adding to the problems they are about to have.

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