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  • Posted From :   Nevada
  • Review Title :   Unethical Ripoffs
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  • Origin :   California
  • Pickup :   On Time
  • Destination :   Nevada
  • Delivery :   Late
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Review Description

Back in December 12-11, I entrusted an autotransport broker in LA named Zipship to transport my car from Norwalk, CA to Henderson,NV. To be brief, the transport was days late and they made up every story in the book as to why, and they actually drove the brand new car to my house because they said they could not get by my entrance gate. Well, there was no evidence of a transport truck and lo and behold, my car had 350 miles on it and it had left the dealership with 12 miles! Furthermore, there were food particles in the seats and the car was filthy. Calls to Finishline were unreturned and no explanation was ever given as to why the car was clearly driven from California when it was supposed to be transported on a flatbed. My money was never refunded. NEVER use this company if you value your vehicle.

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