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United Intermodal Group contracted Exit 15 Trucking Inc to deliver my car from San Francisco, CA to Chicago, IL. I was told the delivery would be door to door. However, it was not. My car had to be driven to a different city near San Francisco, about 20 miles away. When my car was delivered, the freight truck driver was worried about Chicago city streets and refused to drive my car to my apartment because the streets were too narrow for him. I was told my car would arrive within 7-10 days. However, it did not. The truck driver for Exit 15 Trucking was from Utah so he said my car could not be stored in Chicago. He said if I didnt pick up the car he would drive it back home to Utah! Luckily I had someone pick up my car for me because I was out of the country. I didnt receive a call regarding the car delivery until THAT day. So basically the delivery window was only a few hours before drop off. My car was shipped without any issue though. I heard a lot of dead bugs were on it, but it made it to Chicago without scratches or dents. Not quite sure how much this company charges if you call them directly to arrange a car transport, but a $650 deposit was due at time of delivery.

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