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  • Review Title :   VA simple car transport
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After having a major accident on a highway in VA, I can honestly say that dealing with Elite Auto was WORSE than the accident. We contacted several companies to transport my car from southern VA to northern VA (~6 hrs driving). Elite Auto had the lowest quote and also stated, both on the phone and on the contract, that they would deliver the car on the SAME DAY. One day went by, no word. We tried calling and left several voicemails but no response. Two days, we received a response that we would get it the next day. Three days, same thing. No truck has picked it up yet, they are very busy, they will call us back. NO CALL BACK. Four days, still no car. We contacted another transport company and suddenly Elite Auto is very interested in our business again and is fighting with the other company so that they can keep our business. We agree, but now they want to charge us another $100 more than the original quote and the car still cannot be delivered for another day. Five days, still no car, and now I have missed my family vacation all because I made the wrong choice with Elite Auto. LOOK AT THE NEW YORK BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU WEBSITE. GRADE: F. FOUR COMPLAINTS, NO RESPONSE. If this happens to you, talk to your bank. You should not be charged for services NOT RENDERED. Our bank refunded our deposit and will now make sure they are refunded the deposit by Elite Auto.

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