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  • Review Title :   $4000 is alot of money to lose
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  • Origin :   Guam
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Review Description

I made a deal with Elite of Staten Island, NY because they have an A ranking in BBB as well as the many positive reviews I've seen. They also gave me a cheaper price to ship my car from Guam to Virginia. Unfortunately, things did not work for us regarding custom clearning we were liable to pay for but was not informed about due to me not knowing my car was import although i've told Elite I bought it at Guam. To sum it up, I placed a complaint at BBB and my case went on for 1 1/2 months until I closed it so I can get my refund processed already. Last time I talked to them was September 30, 2011. I found out Elite is holding my money becaause of a credit card dispute with another company. although Elite does not believe the other company will dispute the amount back, they are holding my refund because they are protecting their company, per Serge Krasner, vice president and accounting head of company. My money was refunded back to Elite last August 11, 2011. It has been almost two months they have had my money without an attempt to get it back to me. I was told it was take 5-7 days to process and then I call for the status and then I find out after numerious times of calling them that it is being held. Didn't even tell me, I guess they just expect to wait patiently for my $4000. I have already agreed to absorb a $500 loss. $400 causal of cxl the deal, so my car had to be unloaded from guam port and $100 cxl fee charged by Elite for placing a complaint with them at BBB. there is no reason for this company to hold my money. But because I am in Virginia and they are in New York, pursuing a lawsuit will be intensive but not impossible. I'm placing a complaint at FTC as well as any other complaint forum available to hasten the return of my money. I'm tired of empty promises that I've been getting from this company. I've told them they can't blame me for thinking they are scamming me. Ofcourse, they deny that anyone is scamming me. But all I hear is empty promises and my bank account $4000 less. I've sold my car in guam, which should have been my first choice to begin with. Now I know....Elite please give me my money. you know and I know that $4000 is due to me and it's not right to hold it.

Rebuttal for this comment
Title    :     update on my refund
Rebuttal    :     Currently waiting on a BBB response from Elite why my check was not cut as state on February 22, 2012. It is now June 21, 2012.
Posted By     :      daisy arenas
Date               :     21-06-2012

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