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  • Review Title :   Do Not Even Think About Using This Company
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Review Description

I would never reccommend this company to my worse enemy. First they were not suppose to charge my credit card until I had a date. They charged it 2 weeks before the first date. Than they gave me May 27-31 for pick-up. I called the number over fifty times only to get a message that they were experiencing large number of calls. I E-Mailed them and finally on the last day of my five day pick-up time they told me they could not come until May 31-Jun 2. I changed all my reservations and had to pay more for my flight. They nver showed up and every call I made was never answered. The same message plays for customer service and reservations. Finally with only a day left before my flight they informed me it would five more days. This was over two weeks from the original dates.I had major surgery here which was not expected and I need to be home. I am left with my car stuck in FL. and hoping I can find another company to ship the car. Of course I will have to rent a car at home, fly back to FL. and then home. This will cost me over a few thousand dollars and time I do not have. Find a homeless person to drive your car home or buy another car before you use this company. You would think in this economy that companies would go out of their way to keep customers satisfied. This company does everything to make sure you are dissatisfied. Remove them from your favorites. They do not deserve being in business.

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