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I did what was asked in accordance to your contract, email and phone call on JUNE 2, 2014. Now please refund my money. June 2, 2014 I am a retired Navy Veteran, so I know something about moving and shipping my vehicle. This however was my very first long move on my own and it was coming out of my pocket. Normally it was the moving companies that I had the problems with and not with the auto transport. So this was a very disappointing experience. I am not even certain when I will get my money back, or if they have conveniently lost my email. But I still have a copy. I just wanted to let Mark and Kimberly of Direct Connect Auto that I am no longer upset with them, not that I think they would care and to thank you both for the horrible customer service that you gave to me and the genuine terror that you would have your driver do something to my car. That is what caused me to cancel my order and drive my own car from FL to WA. It truly was the most exciting experience that I ever had! First, you both need to get your lies straight before you verbally attack a customer (who has spent 1400.00) for asking a simple question. "When will the driver be arriving?" That was all I wanted to know, I understood Mark that your company is not a “taxi service.” I understood the 24 to 48 hour window, and we had a flexible flight plan. It would have been okay. But please answer your customers’ calls; return their messages, Mark you could have even said the driver would not be there till the next day instead of “they have been dispatch so they will be there sometime today” and you could not get in contact with the driver which I found interesting because your supervisor could, of course your drivers seemed to be coming from different directions. It still would have been okay, just communicate. My moving company was a day late too but at least they called. Instead you were hostile with me, fussed at me and lied to me. But it’s okay! (1400.00) I was so upset that I left at 4pm on 2 June and made it to Atlanta, GA. in 5 hours. Awesome customer service at the Marriott! The next morning was a 15 hr push to make it to Omaha, NE. But along the route it was recommended that I stop in Kansas City to experience the great Arthur Bryant's Legendary Kansas City BBQ. The line was so long that it took me 30 minutes to get to the front, but still outstanding customer service! Now my delay was actually a good thing because an hour from Omaha I ran into my first tornado...hmmm...never been so scared in my life, but I again that was okay, I found a safe place to park for another 30 minutes and ate what I thought would be my last meal...KANSAS CITY BBQ! MMMM... So after I was done eating I slowly made my way to OMAHA still experiencing all of the wind, rain and the up drafts. I made it to my hotel as the last of the tornado passed. Again, amazing customer service. Hit the road early on that Wednesday June 4, 2014 and got to see for the first time what kind of damage a tornado and hail can do to a person and car. Horrible. So the friend that I was suppose to fly out with was still miffed at me for not coming with her so she mapped out the remainder of my trip with a final surprise. But not before I got to see, The Corn Palace (so cool), Al's Oasis, The Badlands and at the insistence of 4 people MT. Rushmore, which was seen in a down pour rain but still fun. My last hotel stop was the ULTIMATE! And of course the best revenge you could ever get on a friend. She told me that I had to experience some of Montana so she booked me at the DUDE RANCH in Billings, MO. What she neglected to tell me was that it was a Haunted hotel. Yeah, the bed was comfy and the customer service was excellent but I did not sleep much my last night to the road. Again hit the road early and stopped at Billings HONDA for some quick 5000 mile service. Again Amazing customer service! They really wanted to make sure that I made it safely to my destination. Thank you guys! Now the final 10 hours June 5, 2014 was only delayed by the 1930 blasting in the Snoqualmie Mountains. I made it to that point at 2030 and only sat in traffic for 20 minutes. (Normally it is a two hour delay). My last and final stop was THE HOTEL MONICO in Seattle. Out of all of the stops this was indeed my favorite. Now I was not spending 1400.00 or even 500.00 for my stay and I was not even dressed in wonderful clothes, but from the guy who valets my car to room service they were AMAZING! Sincerely THE BEST, THE FRIENDLIEST AND THE MOST WELCOMING people that I have ever met! So in closing, Mark, Kimberly, your company may have a 5 star rating but I sincerely doubt that it is because of the two of you. So really, ask your company to send you to some customer service classes to improve your attitudes and maybe you might reach the standards of some of the places I have listed. Way to treat your Veterans folks.

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