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  • Review Title :   Unimaginable Rudeness - Customer Service Was Terrible Experience for Me
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  • Origin :   Tennessee
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Review Description

Contacted this company's local office here in FL (954-321-3404) on Wed, 3/5/14, to ask details regarding available pick up schedule. I had contacted other companies prior to contacting this company and wanted to verify two things; availability of pick up and price. I spoke with Mark whom advised with COMPLETE certainty that either Friday/Saturday (3/7-8/14) the vehicle could be picked up and he assured me by indicating 'I've got five trucks coming thru Memphis every day, don't worry, we can pick it up and fit it in.' As the vehicle being shipped is with my family, in TN, I asked my father to contact Mark (as Mark gave me his direct line: 310-256-4554). My father called Mark yesterday, 3/6/14 and he advised he wasn't in the office therefore, to call back the next day early at 8:30 a.m. so they could schedule the pick up and get the vehicle transported. My father did so, signed the contract, and gave his credit card. Only problem is, NOW Mark indicated that the vehicle not only MAY be picked up today, or tomorrow, but that MONDAY seemed most likely. This is not why we chose to go with this company but rather for the flexibility of pick up. My father called me after getting all the details together to tell me what Mark had told him. He told me he had already signed the contract and that everything was set up but they had to call him back and advise 'when' they could pick it up, the vehicle. I told him I was gonna reach out to Mark to find out the details of the pick up. I called the direct line number Mark provided and when he got on the phone my exact words were; "Hi Mark, my name is Robert and you just spoke with my dad about a vehicle shipment from TN to FL and he just signed the contract, well, I'm a little worried/dissapointed because when we spoke earlier this week you indicated with certainty the vehicle could be picked up Fri/Sat and now there's a possibility the vehicle may be picked up on Monday." Without ANY other words being spoken, Mark responded; "Look, we ship 2,000 vehicles a year we don't need your business and I can just cancel the order." I responded by saying; 'Mark, I don't know where you got the impression that I'm trying to be aggressive or rude, but I'm simply calling to discuss the details of the pickup as it's a little different than when we spoke earlier." He responded with; 'WE SPOKE ON WEDNESDAY. OF course the vehicles are gonna fill up," to which I said; "But Mark, you said there were five trucks coming thru. My father called you yesterday to set the contract up but he reached out to you a little too late in the day and you said to call him back tomorrow. I wasn't aware there was a 'contract no later than X date' as when we spoke previously I stressed the reason I called your company was because other companies didn't have flexible pick up schedules." After I said this he said; "Well, I don't need your shit and I'm going to go ahead and cancel your order." I tried to stress to him that in no way was I calling to cancel what had already been set up only to ask about the pick up date. When I told him I didn't want to argue with him and I'd rather just speak with his manager, he HUNG UP ON ME. Not by accident either, because when I attempted to call him back three times in a row, he refused to pick up the phone. When I called the local office number (954-321-3404) I requested to speak to the manager and I was told that Kimberly, the lady I was now speaking to, was the 'most senior person whose been there six years so SHE was the manager.' As I'm explaining what happened, my father received the email of the cancellation of the transport. He called me during my conversation with Kimberly, for which I asked if I could place her on hold and take his call, since he was the one who originally set up the contract. Well, she hung up. I attempted to call the local number 4 more times, and each time they saw my number calling, the call was picked up and immediately hung up on. It was only when I called back the local number and hit option '1' to 'request a quote' so I could speak with someone, wouldn't ya know it, I got Kimberly again. Her attitude had COMPLETELY changed from our first call, refused to acknowledge that our call was dropped/disconnected and even went as far as to explain to me, despite me requesting to file a complaint, that Mark was 'one of their best' and that 'it was probably a personality clash' but that the order had been cancelled. When I expressed that I never wanted the order to be cancelled she never attempted to resubmit the vehicle transport service and flat out refused me service. When I asked whom her supervisor was and how could I get ahold of them, she indicated there 'was no one over her.' I would not do any sort of business with this company and find it a travesty that a veteran such as myself, such as my father and such as my mother, can be treated this way. The vehicle resides closely to Millington Naval Air Station where my mother served in the Navy, faithfully, for over 20 years and continues to serve her country as a government contractor along my father. Please, PLEASE, P-L-E-A-S-E do not stand for this type of service and vote with your dollars by choosing companies with better reputations and customer service, as I surely will. Thank you for your attention and reading.

Rebuttal for this comment
Title    :     Wish I had saw your review first
Rebuttal    :     I am very sorry this happened to you. The exact same thing happened to me with the EXACT same people. Now it is just a battle to get my money back. My review hopefully will post soon.
Posted By     :      Marlene
Date               :     29-06-2014

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