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  • Review Title :   GREAT COMPANY.
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  • Delivery :   Early
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  • Overall Customer Service :   Poor

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After dealing with a broker I got hooked up with Diamond Express. The were the most caring people / company. They called on time, and keep us informed. We found out that they could not pick up at my Moms house. They worked with her on a good & close pick up point. They even told her that they would drive her home (Via a 2nd car) if she could not find someone to follow her. Diamond Express is a VERY CARING COMPANY. I was informed that before the driver even drove into the pick up point, he parked in the road and walked the WHOLE Parking lot to check for easy entrance / exit, low branches, as not to brush onto the top vehicles then returned to drive in and to load my car. He was so careful as to check everything on the car. He even found a few scratches we did not even new about. He also took off the antenna and put it into the car. He, Dave was so nice to my Mom, She felt safe with him and that everything would go as planned. After the car was loaded, Kathy gave me a call and told me what was going on and what Daves time line would be. Then on Good Friday the gave me another call just to let us know everything was on time and that when he got closer they would give us another call to set up a drop off time.

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