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  • Review Title :   DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!
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As has been said by other reviewers, DT will rebuke what I am about to say. Feel free to take my warning or not, but this is an abusive, contempuous, and spiteful company. In truth, I only ever dealt with Terri so it is she that I am speaking about. The facts of what happened are as follows. I filled out an order form with the company to have my car shipped. I contacted Terri for updates when nothing had happened after about 4-5 days. At this point, she was remarkably prompt and polite in her responses and said they were continuing to work to find a carrier. Since I was hoping to have my car shipped as soon as possible, I ultimately decided to work with a different company. I wrote Terri a very polite and professional email explaining why I would no longer be working with their company. In response, she wrote "We tried to help you and we get screwed, thanks." I am more than happy to send anyone who contacts me the string of emails between us. I felt very disappointed by this and tried to reach her by phone for several days to reconcile what happened. When I finally did contact her, I had one of the most appalling conversations with a woman I have ever had. She was curt, rude, and vicious. I tried explaining why I had switched companies and she hung up on me. The other company that I chose to work with then explained to me that they had difficulty at first finding a carrier for me because even after I had ended our relationship Terri had listed my car on central dispatch for a lower price, in effect killing any chance I had of getting someone to commit to picking it up. She of course denied doing this but the other company explained that some companies are incredibly spiteful and that it is precisely what happened. I hope this explanation makes sense and hope you have taken the time to read it. This was my first experience shipping a car and I realize some of the issues were my fault as I had no knowledge of how things worked and that a company would behave in this way. Feel free to disregard my warning, and I am confident that they will respond adamantly that this was all my fault. Take it for what you will. It is possible that if I had stayed with them that my car would ultimately have been delivered properly. Regardless of this, the fact that someone would behave with such venom and anger is worrisome and I felt the need to warn others out there. Thanks for reading this and I hope they are honest in their rebuttal, but I know they will not be.

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